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Growing together

SOTW Courses
Christian Foundation Courses

At VICTORY we have a spiritual growth track that is designed to help us all grow in our spiritual journey.

We have 4 Foundation Courses:  School of the Word 1, 2, 3, & 4. 

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The Four Laws of Love


The Four Laws of Love – Marriage Course

This 4 Session Video Course is taught by pastor Jimmy Evans (ISA). Jimmy talks about the Law of PRIORITY, PURSUIT. PARTNERSHIP and PURITY.  His engaging manner, personal stories and powerful truths make this Course a MUST for all couples.  When these Laws are applied they will make a bad marriage good, and a good marriage great!  These Laws are simple yet profoundly important and protect the marriage relationship. 

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PIChildhood 2
Protecting the Innocence of Childhood

In this 4 Session Course parents will learn how to protect their children from the many negative voices out there while, at the same time, communicating sensitive information/knowledge to their child/ren in a biblical and timely manner.

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Parenting 8-12yrs
Parenting Course - Life in the Middle Years 8-12yr

8-12 Years

The middle-years is one of the most amazing phases of childhood and unsuspicious time for parents. It is a season in which that son or daughter in your home is too old to be called a child, but too young to be labelled an adolescent. From a growth and developmental standpoint, the middle years is a period in which children begin the long process of metamorphosis—moving away from childhood dependencies, associations, and interests, and moving toward a self-reliance directed more and more by the beliefs and values of their home life.