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Message Title Speaker Message Date Download Link
New Years Message - Part 3 Stefan Schlogl 3. New Year's Message. 28.01.2024.pdf (175.81 KB)
New Year's Message Stefan Schlogl 2. New Year's Message. 14.01.2024.pdf (228.4 KB)
3. God’s Great End-Time Transfer of Wealth! Vanessa Schlogl 2023 3 Transfer of Wealth OUTLINE.pdf (222.06 KB)
1. Principles of Prosperty Stefan Schlogl 1. Principles of Prosperity. 17.12.2023.pdf (174.59 KB)
4. The Seed - master of our increase Vanessa Schlogl 2023 4 The Seeds Unlimted increase OUTLINE.pdf (177.28 KB)
God’s Power to get Wealth Works on Seed Vanessa Schlogl 2023 2 God's Power to Get Wealth Works on Seed OUTLINE.pdf (137.36 KB)
FInanical Prosperity Is God's Will for Our Lives Vanessa Schlogl 2023 1 Financial Prosperity Is God's WIll for Our Lives OUTLINE.pdf (211.62 KB)
Politicans, Prayer & the Power of God Stefan Schlogl Politicians, Prayer & the Power of God. 22.10.2023.pdf (179.73 KB)
3. God, Politics and the Church Stefan Schlogl 3. God, Politics & the Christian's Responsibility. OUTLINE. 08.10.2023.pdf (234.78 KB)
Keeping the enemy out of your home Stefan Schlogl 1. Keeping the enemy out of your home. 17.09.2023.pdf (179.12 KB)